We present to you the World’s First Non-Linear Single Shot Film, a Path-breaking effort in filming through an enormous set of 59 settings, with over 300 actors, 150 technicians, numerous costume and makeup changes, 50 years of time periods, all beautifully choreographed into one single shot and achieved after a whopping 90 days of rehearsals. The plot stretches through the events of the protagonist’s life, jumbled in a non-linear order for the audience to connect the dots and relish the entire plot. Aside from the adult crew, children and animals were also used as supporting cast and trained to follow the timing and performances of the continuous line of scenes. Multiple weather setups, and various technological, social, and historical aspects have been incorporated into the narrative while taking advantage of spatiality. Despite numerous rehearsals, surprises and challenges propped up during the shoot and the team overcame them with improvisation and creativity. Many takes were needed to be shot to assure the accuracy of the narrative and ensure the perfect working of mise en scène. Finally, take number 23 is the World’s First Non-Linear Single Shot Film ‘Shadow of the Night’, a ‘never-before experience.

  • Running Time:

    12hr 00min

  • Genre:

    Drama, Single Shot Film 

  • Director:

    Radhakrishnan Parthiban 

  • Release Date:

    15 Jul 2022

  • Cast:

    Radhakrishnan Parthiban, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Robo Shankar 

  • Distributors:


FSK Rating
70 - Metacritic
5.6 - Metacritic