Dr Roy Jamnadas who is working on a theory based on ‘nature vs nurture’ separates two sets of identical twins he finds at the doorstep of the orphanage he runs and gives them up for adoption to two different families in two different cities. A few years later, when one set of twins decide to visit the city where the other set of twins run a cirkus, a comedy of errors full of confusion and misunderstanding ensues only for them to come face to face in the end for the big reveal.

  • Running Time:

    02hr 21min

  • Genre:

    Comedy, Drama 

  • Director:

    Rohit Shetty 

  • Release Date:

    23 Dec 2022

  • Cast:

    Ranveer Singh, Jacqueline Fernandez and Pooja Hegde 

  • Distributors:


FSK Rating
70 - Metacritic
5.6 - Metacritic